TotalCar moves to Viasat6

TotalCar is the leading automotive enterprise in Hungary. With 10+ seasons of their motoring show and a popular website they are not just inevitable for the local car fans, but a very familiar voice on air. When Viasat6 approached them to make their next season for the network, their new promotion had to be self-explanatory yet a familiar show-piece for the fans.

The network and the show-runners both liked the drifting between dimensions concept from the first pitch, so our only concerns remained a rushed production and the unpredictable early spring weather. 

The spot was seen by 20.000 people on YouTube above the TV audience, and TotalCar's and Viasat6's Facebook pages were both flooded with positive fan comments. 

Creative Director: Csaba Hollós
Junior Art Director: Nóra Redler
Junior Copywriter: Dániel Tóth
Director: Andor Lengyel
Photo: Márton Martos
Production: The Imagement​​​​​​​
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