Márton is a creative art director with over 15 years of experience as an all-rounder creative at advertising agencies. From global network companies to local shooting star shops he worked in all kinds of agencies, honing his skills not just in creation and delivery but in management and business leadership too. He is an old-fashioned creative who had the luck to enter the business with a notepad and a box of Copic markers. 
Márton gained experience in many fields by working for a diverse portfolio of clients. He has a reputable experience in automotive through clients like Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes and Kirchhoff Automotive. For years he also delivered highly specialised work for pharmaceutical clients active in OTC, RX and hospital infrastructure fields. Most notably he worked in a regional role for MSD/Merck's vaccine and oncology streams. 
Márton also worked for a multitude of FMCG, fast food, retail and alcoholic beverage clients. In these quick-turnover environments he utilised his hands-on production experience to smoothen out workflows and allow all professionals in the production team to deliver added value in the process.
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