The Kick-off Challenge
Nissan became the main automotive sponsor of the UEFA Champions League in the summer of 2014. To break the news with a bang we had to find the common ground in football and driving. Our solution came in the form of a challenge that appealed to the competitive attitude in both worlds. 
The plot was simple a UEFA Champions League player VS. the fastest Nissan available. The player kicks the ball as far as he can, and the 370Z Nismo shoots out at the same time and tries to overtake the ball before it hits the ground. 
The challenge and the accompanying activities ran in the four CEE countryies through a week, supported by radio partners, a Facebook game and a teaser video. The results were announced on air by the radio presenters and on YouTube in short films of the events. 
Creative Director: László Nagy
DOP: András Táborosi, Károly Spáh, Kristóf Becsey
Editing & Post production: studiolamb
Production Manager: Gergő Angyal
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