The Converse pitch that never existed
I caught a conversation in the staircase, and learned that the company was working on a mysterious Converse project. I started to think about the brand and the possible brief, and came up with this.
The “arrive in style” idea is all about the people who wear Converse shoes. Those people don’t always arrive on time, but when they do arrive, they make a cool statement.
The Moon landing site idea came to me as I watched a recent photograph of Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin wearing an “Actually, I AM a rocket scientist” t-shirt. I immediately thought that he must have been the coolest man on the Moon. Not the first one, but the first one, who would be wearing his Converses on landing, if it was possible.

The pitch was for the PR depatement from a shoe shop, it never made it to the creative floor officially. 
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