T-Mobile monthly plan for students
In the spring 2011 T-Mobile created a monthly plan for students. It was called “Like”, and it was all about sharing your story in your own words. It included free minutes to talk about them, free messages to share
some news and just enough data traffic to upload the best of them to Facebook. It was cheep, and perfect for a student’s budget.

We based the idea on the stories the users will share, and took the school rumor-mills as a given. The most embarrassing thing in a community like this is to miss the story that everybody is talking about.

To make buzz about the new plan, we had a man dressed in diving gear walking around at the major universities, and we offered gifts for the first people to share a picture of him on T-Mobile’s Facebook page.
Copywriter: Andrea Toth
Headline: Don't miss the good stories
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Subheadline: Like monthly plan for uiversity students
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