Spring campaign for Invitel
It all started with a simple brief: internet, TV and phone provided by Invitel bring the whole world into arm's reach. The execution needed to be something to remember: a straightforward plot, relatable characters and airy spring mood. 

Our creative execution drew the line from watching a wide range of TV shows to a life full of imagination build around everyday scenes. 

It was -12 on the day of the shooting, but the result turned out great according to the client, and lovely according to the focus group statements.

Creative Director: Sándor Haszon
Copywriter: Szofi Oláh
Director: Isti Madarász
DOP: Dániel Reich
Photo: Szilárd Nagyillés
Production: András Muhi

At us you can see dragons every day.
At us you can see UFOs every day
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