Nissan Premium Dealer web experience
With more and more consumers going online for information about cars instead of visiting the dealers, Nissan CEE had to come up with a solution to offer the premium feeling to their VIP customers even on their web page.
In the Premium Test Drive campaign we offers tailor-made test routes for every customer and the car they are interested in. To add to the personalized experience online, we set up a live-stream like interactive video page, in wich our test drive route designers waited for the consumers until they made their choices regarding the cars and the routes. 
The campaign was extended with an augmented reality application in wich customers could take a tour around the cars anywhere. 
Creative Director: László Nagy
Director & Director of Photography: Károly Spáh
Lighting: Starlight Studio
Digital Art Director: Gábor Vinczer
Production Manager: Gergő Angyal

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