Nissan Navara Stability Challenge
Nissan became the main automotive sponsor of the UEFA Champions League in the summer of 2014. In their next season we had to kick off their participation and annpunce their new model at the same time. Our solution came in the form of a challenge that appealed to the competitive attitude in both worlds. 
Our story was simple: create a challenge that enables both the card and the football players to shine. So the players had to pass the ball back and forth while crossing the Danube on the backs of two Nissan Navaras.
To date the video had over 700.000 views, the challenge generated a high amount of earned media, and Nissan became the brand associated with the UEFA Cahmpions League in the CEE region. 
Creative Director: László Nagy
Director/DOP: Iván Vermes
Production Manager: Gergő Angyal
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