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Flashback is one of the leading photographic studios in Hungary. In recent years they wanted to expand their services to a broader, Central-European market while upping their assignments in Hungary too. They seemed to be here for so long, that they became a benchmark rather than a partner in people's minds.   
The elaborate task of building client connections remained the the job of the studio management, but they needed an introduction to start a new conversation. My task was to tell their story and show the wide range of styles an expertise of their photographers in a compact and friendly way. 

The solution is a short and clean photo based "comic strip" that shows a workday in Flashback studios from arriving to the building to the last touches of printing the final image. The scenes were all selected by me and the final images were molded through a series of mood images and sketches with the photographers.

Photographers: Csaba Barbay, György Károlyi, András Tulok, Csaba Villányi
Site design and build: Mihály Demeczky
This is Flashback

The third floor of the old hosiery factory got its new life in 2000. Flashback studio moved in and formed the listed monument building into a homely workshop for photographers and film makers. Since then the our studio space extended to the fourth level turning Flashback into one of the largest studio in Central-Europe.
Step inside

Flashback offers five separable studio spaces on two floors. Both for commissioned productions and rental studio customers we offer a wide range of photographic and lighting tools, technical assistance and an inspiring community of fellow artists.
Fancy a coffee?

A coffee is more to us than just a kick to start off the day. We are immensely proud of our work culture that builds on sharing knowledge, insights and ideas among team members. A coffee at Flashback means new ideas, technical help, a new perspective, or all of those in one. That is the coffee every visual professional craves in the morning.
Let’s work

With 50+ combined years of experience at hand our team is ready for your assignments. The 15 years of Flashback studio routine means we can concentrate to make a difference well beyond the mere implementation of our technical arsenal.  
Take five!

Should it be the heritage of the old brick building we inhabit, or just plain enthusiasm a Flashback day isn’t over until the perfect image is captured. On the way to that magic moment we suggest  to you take a few breaks though. Maybe explore the many sides and scenes of the building, or to have a chat with fellow photographers working alongside.
The magic moment

The perfect image is captured by a camera, but it is made by the subject in front of it, and by the photographer behind it. Flashback photographers have different professional interests and expertise, so we can match anything in front of the camera with the perfect skill-set and taste and insight behind it.
Till the last touches

If Flashback studio is where dreams are made, our postproduction workshop is where they come true. From digital assistance to printing and archiving we offer a full range of services to photographers and visual artists to help their visions to take form.
This is us

Flashback has been quite a ride in this past 15 years. Sometimes lightning fast, sometimes a quiet walk for contemplation, other times a bit intricate or bumpy. What makes us unique is our team that soldiered on and collected a priceless set of skills and experience to make your Flashback production a smooth and fulfilling piece of work.
Working process
These are the moodboards I used to start talking to the photographers. With some pictures we were on the same page right away, but some of the talks turned into long sessions of scribbling and sketching to get to the best result you saw above. 
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