Instagram for Soproni
In 2015 the leading Hungarian beer brand Soproni decided to start the brand's Instagram page to get connected to a younger audience living a different life both online and offline. 
After the planing of the strategy and starting the production we decided to keep most of the production in-house so we can guarantee that all the images are in-line with the brand personality. This also meant a perfect oppotunity for me to get back to my roots in photography. 
The images of the first shoot were meant to cover the summer season both in style and in products shown. The shoot span through two long days, and the result was warmly greeted by the creative heads and the client. The daily decision making on the client side somewhat differed from the pre-production ideas, but the Instagram channel is up and running with most of the images below and even more. 
The Soproni Instagram chanel:
Copywriter: Ádám Mattyasovszky
Production Manager: Réka Bartos
Photo Assistant: Ambrus Szentgyörgyvári
Styling: Anett Fuster
Hair & Make-up: Léna Balázs
Models: Art Models
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