Find your BeerMate
As the biggest beer brand in Hungary, Soproni decided to show how it can connect people from everywher for a pint of beer. For the demonstration they chose VOLT music festival, one of the largest music festivals in the country organized every year in Sopron, the birthplace of the Soproni beer. 
We set up a microsite, where visitors could select their five most favorite concerts every day. If two peoples musical taste matched, we invited them to share free beers at Soproni's festival pub, and talk about their favorite bands with their newly found BeerMates. 
To promote the campaign on sight, we designed freecards, and rollups with the QR codes to the promotional microsite
The campaign was put on hold just days before the 2013 festival started. 
Creative Director: László Nagy
Copywriter: Tamás Hlavaty
1. Age gate (entry page)
2. Registration of login page
3. Concert selector
4. Confirmation page
5. Exit page (BeerMates got notified via SMS)
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